Dodi Reifenburgh

B.h. Obama, 2009

Scotch tape, plastic bags, stretcher
100cm x 100cm

Dodi Reifenberg is an artist living and working in Berlin. His artistic works explore issues of social and environmental significance, by recycling the same plastic bags we hold in our hands every day.

Reifenberg used oils, mixed media and formica in his artistic works from 1980 – 1996, then collaborated with partner, Florian Mutschler (Flori Reifenberg) from 1996 – 2001, to produce exhibitions and performances integrating plastic bags and acoustics. Since that time, Reifenberg’s solo endeavours have focused on two dimensional and three dimensional objects, “land works”, and installations in public spaces, such as his much lauded addition to the ‘’Art Goes Heilgendamm Project” at the G8 Summit in Roestock in 2007.

Creating his work out of one of the most wasteful elements of modern society, the plastic bag, Reifenberg re-uses this troublesome material in a variety of ways, cutting the bags into tiny slivers, which are then struck down in mosaic form to create portraits in a style unique to his subject. His rendering of Barack Obama shows the president appearing from the left of the frame, contemplating a wall of empty black plastic to the right, symbolising the huge task ahead.

Artwork kindly donated by Dodi Reifenberg, courtesy of Maddox Arts.