Nick Veasey

Bottletop Bag, 2010
Digital C-Type Print on Aluminium
50cm x 76cm

Born in London in 1962, Nick Veasey works almost exclusively with X-rays. He creates stunning images that explore beneath the surface, and delve into the depths of everyday objects, ranging from flowers to a bus and its passengers. He aims to counter society’s obsession with superficial appearance by stripping back the layers and highlighting an often surprising inner beauty.

His work requires a painstaking attention to detail, as well as comprehensive safety checks for both himself and his subjects, which often need to be bombarded with ionizing radiation for as long as 12 minutes to get a crisp shot.

Veasey’s exceptional images have resulted in numerous fine- art commissions, requests from large commercial clients, and a host of professional honours. His work has been exhibited in galleries internationally, most recently in 2008 in The David Gallery, California; and Millenia Fine Art in New York and Orlando.

Artwork kindly donated by Nic Tucker, courtesy of Maddox Arts