Rana Begum

No. 196, 2009
Paint on powder-coated aluminum
20cm x 20cm x 5cm

Born in 1977 in Sylhet, Bangladesh, Rana Begum lives and works in London. Having graduated from both Chelsea School of Art and the Slade School of Fine Art, Begum has exhibited in Dubai with the Third Line Gallery and most recently with BISCHOFF/WEISS in London.

Begum’s work is crystalline, simple, pure and hard-edged. She takes her experience of the vibrant collage of the urban environment and concentrates it through a process of refinement and filtration. Her work, minimal in its formal language, imposes order and system, as all art must, by abstracting those moments of accidental, aesthetic wonder. We find bands of deep colour that slowly bleed into each other or else, sit hard by each other. True to the complexity of urban forms, Begum’s works are both sculptures and paintings.

Though static they are activated by the mobility of the viewer, using relief and perspective to present the moving eye with shifting patterns of colour and form that ripple, brake and reform. Often formed from repetitive, rectilinear units that bring the wall into the visual play, they remember the fragmentary nature of our visual environments and the contingency of the visual relationships that they generate and yet articulate the human desire to draw out meaning from chaos.

Artwork kindly donated by Rana Begum, courtesy of BISCHOFF/WEISS Gallery, London